About the blog

The name of the site and the plan for future posts

Welcome to my page! I hope you find something of interest here in the near future.

My name is Charlotte Sant and I am currently doing an MA in Comparative Syntax and Semantics at the University of York. My main interests lie in syntactic and semantic differences between Scandinavian and English. The name of my WordPress site, Very Sant, comes from the fact that my surname means ‘true’ in Norwegian. The name also includes what’s called scaling, or intensifying, in semantics, when a word like very affects an adjective in phrases like very cool (in Norwegian, for some reason, it also may intensify nouns, but that’s a topic for another post).

I think my interest in linguistics started when I was growing up bilingual, speaking Danish at home and Norwegian in school. Very early on, I started thinking about why the pronunciation, conjugation and vocabulary varied sometimes but not at other times. This interest was enhanced when I did English, German and French in school and learned more about how languages may differ in interesting ways. Although I’ve always enjoyed thinking about pronunciation differences, my main interest always lay in the syntactic and semantic variation and why this variation may exist.

The goal of this page is to try to make syntax and semantics more approachable to people who may not be used to this way of viewing language. I will be writing about English, Norwegian and possibly other phenomena that I think are interesting, and that I hope you will find interesting too!

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